Our Facility
We have a well-equipped production infrastructure, capable of handling all unit operations effciently- S.S. reactors, GLRs, Pressure, sparkler & candle-filters, centrifuges, co-mills, sifters, blenders etc., well supported by engineering facilities like DG, SRU,PTS, water systems etc.

Air & environment:

Warehouse :

Totally closed & clean area of 4500-sq ft, having 5-micron filtered-air supply.

Chemical process-zone :

Totally closed & clean area of 5500-sq ft, having 5-micron filtered-air supply.

Crystallization zone :

Totally closed & clean area of 4000-sq ft having 0.3 micron filtered-air supply.


Totally closed & clean room area of 1500-sq ft, having 0.3 micron filtered-air supply, with HVAC systems, conforming to the c-GMP-norms.


We have installed a fully automated PTS (Powder Transfer System), ensuring minimum exposure of the final product to contamination risks. Its design is compact which saves space, efficient, and clean and provides an exceptionally
reliable method to safely transfer and dispense the final product. PTS ensures cleanliness as its body is designed to avoid retention of the product and its filter is continuously unclogged.
Quality System :
We are well equipped with the best infrastructural facilities and resources like hardware, quality personnel etc. to monitor and maintain the stringent quality requirements and standards of operations.Our water systems, generate USP-grade water for the specific usage.
Our QC-laboratories are adequately equipped with GC ,HPLC , FTIR , TOC-analyzer, stability chambers in the instrumentation section and the wet-lab - with Muffle-furnace, vacuumoven, melting-point apparatus, auto-Karl- Fischer, TLC-chambers, micro-balances, fuminghoods etc.



Manufacturing - API

API Warehouse

API Manufacturing

API Clean area

API - Reactors

API – Process Automation



Manufacturing - Formulations

Fluid Bed Dryer

API Manufacturing

Compression Machine

Tablets Inspection


Secondary Packing